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How To Get A Traditional Finnish Sauna Experience - Bespoke Luxurious Home Meditative Oasis Space

July 13th, 2021 | Helen Taylor 

A luxury private sauna anytime, day or night.

In today’s age of work-related stress, pandemics, fast paced lifestyles and social media, when do you get the time to visit a spa, have a sauna and bliss out? The occasions tend to be planned with military precision and not necessarily as private or exclusive as you would always like.

You have heard the term “stress is a killer” and with the worldwide spread of Covid-19, lockdowns and isolation, is it any wonder they have had a significant impact on physical and emotional well-being.

Though stress itself cannot kill studies have shown that short-term stress boosts the immune system, but chronic long-term stress can have a detrimental effect on the immune system, increasing the risks of aliments and conditions like asthma, obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, depression and gastrointestinal problems. 

So, what can you do to combat the effects of stress? Exercise, change your environment, relax and take time out. What better way to take time out than having a custom built traditional Finnish experience in a 2 person en-suite sauna space?

We have all seen the typical spa and sauna images on TV or in magazines, but have you ever considered the possible benefits of having your own personal sauna at home? One it takes away the worry of not being able to access your local or country spa, especially in the case of lock downs and two it's accessible any time day or night. 

How many sessions have you missed out on already? That’s some valuable "me time."

Just think of the privacy and exclusivity you would have at your fingertips. A luxury custom-built sauna to suit you and your family’s needs, not forgetting those friends you happen to let in on the secret.

If you are going to splurge on wellness an authentic custom built traditional Finnish home en-suite 2 person sauna is a great way to do so.

So which type do you choose?

A traditional authentic Finnish sauna uses heaters which are either electric or wood burning and come in various sizes and types to suit your needs. The heaters warm up the sauna stones and water then poured onto the stones to create the lőyly steam within the sauna space. 

The heat and humidity produced increase the body’s temperature causing sweating, and your heart rate rises as your body attempts to cool you down.

The warmth of the space helps you to relax physically, releasing tension and gives you that all important 'me time' psychological well-being that can sometimes elude you.

Sauna Benefits – State of Bliss

Anytime you can escape the world for a moment of peace and quiet, it is going to have a positive effect on your mental health and help lower stress levels.

When you sit in a sauna, your heart rate increases, blood vessels widen, and circulation increases in the same way it would if you were doing low to moderate exercise.

Having a regular sauna, 2 – 3 times a week may help to:

  • Reduce and relieve muscle soreness and joint pain.

  • Relieve stress and increase feelings of well-being linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular issues.

  • Promote relaxation through improved circulation.

  • Lower blood pressure.

  • Relieve congestion and clear airways.

  • Reduce the symptoms of some skin ailments.

  • Lower the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

  • Promote sleep.

  • Ease back pain.

  • Various studies have been carried out and continue to look into the effect of sauna use on health and well-being.

    Once you decided to take the plunge where do you source your bespoke luxury Finnish home sauna?

    First thoughts, spaces designed and created by expert consultants knowledgeable in traditional Finnish sauna rituals, innovative cutting-edge design techniques and engineering.

    Planning and expertise that will ensure the Finnish indoor 2-person ensuite sauna is specifically tailored to the available space, correctly insulated and ventilated, built using specialist Nordic FSC approved rich exquisite woods, each with its own unique aroma and suited for the internal hot, steamy lőyly climate of the sauna.  

    Free standing or wall mounted sauna heaters, an array of mood lighting options that create the soft, warming ambiance, and accessories sourced from the best Nordic suppliers to create the perfect oasis that will reconnect mind and body.    

    Luxury, exclusivity, privacy, and relaxation in a space that will blend seamlessly into its surroundings. Vision becomes reality and every step from initial consultation, order, design, and build tailored for convenience and a stress-free install. 

    Once through initial consultation, design and order, materials are shipped from Finland and installation is completed within a week depending on the size and design.

    Peruse previous expert installations in London which include: London Micro Sauna, South West London En-suite, South East London Family Sauna.

    Helping clients find their personal oasis of calm.

    State of the art design coupled with traditional authentic construction methods that come together to create your unique luxury private home sauna. Covering Fulham, Chelsea, Wimbledon, Blackheath, Greenwich, Dulwich and surrounding areas.


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